Sunday, September 25, 2011

You named your blog what?!

What do fiddlesticks and humility have in common? My Grammy. I have been thinking about her a lot lately. As life turns, the lessons that she taught on many levels, are all relevant, helpful, and comforting.

"Fiddlesticks" was the only "expletive" I ever heard my Grammy use. It was usually followed by the need for a seam ripper. She taught me to sew, quilt, have proper tea, serve others, be thrifty, kind, gentle, and humble. On every quilt she purposefully made an error  as a reminder that we, people, are not and can never be perfect (real errors didn't count.) The error was normally a mis-set block that she called a humility square. Thus the name of the blog--Fiddlesticks and Humility.

She was always willing to share knowledge with anyone who asked. She also shared her talents and provided what she could to those in need. Whether sewing a quilt for someone who lost a home to a tornado, or making school uniforms for those who could not afford them, she always did what she could.

She had a passion for life. From riding in an open cockpit plane with cloth wings, trying my dad's skateboard when he was in school (in a dress with gloves on--she ALWAYS wore gloves), to getting mad at the doctor who would  not clear her to fly on the Concord.

As times get tough and money tight, many people have asked for knowledge sharing on sewing, quiting, and a host of other things. Life still moves way too fast for most people to quickly learn the thrifty, useful traditions of the past. Many have asked for classes, some have no time or money for classes. So a blog seemed the easiest way to share the most knowledge with the most people quickly.

Passion and inspiration are enhanced when shared. We can all learn something from one another. Hopefully this blog will allow some of that to happen.