Monday, September 26, 2011

Why I Quilt, Sew and Craft

For family: Family tree quilts, to preserve family memories. Christmas quilts to celebrate the Holy Day, and we use them for “sick-day” quilts. Somehow they are the most comforting when the family is sick. Wall quilts to dress up the house, some seasonal some not.

Clothing when it’s cheaper; my kids loved that during the parachute pant craze—theirs were always one of a kind.  And pieces of that leftover fabric have made its way into other quilts over the years. They see quilts every now again and see a toy I made or a piece of clothing I had made them in the past. My granddaughter now plays with cloth dinosaurs that I made for them. It is such an awesome feeling it defies description.

For friends: I love the feeling I get when giving something I have handmade. They signify for me, and I hope for the recipient; that I willingly and joyfully gave my time and talent to make them something so they could feel special, for more than just an instant.

For Service: My particular calling is making prayer shawls. They are a very intense personal experience for me, and I have been told that they have provided strength and comfort to those who receive them. I have also made preemie quilts& blankets, and chemo hats. I like to make jewelry, quilts, and other handmade items for charity raffles. I am a Komen for the Cure supporter.

Stress Relief:  Half an hour a day will suffice, but more is always better. Whether working on something for family, friends, service, or even for myself; creating is satisfying.  I hand quilt most all of my quilts, the moving of the needle in and out, through the fabric is soothing. It also brings back very fond memories of time spent with my Grammy.

Inspiration: Inspiration, like smiling, is contagious. At least that has always been the case for me. I love to share, and I love when other people share. Some of my best ideas have been born from someone else’s work, or thought, or conversation. Watching a child, especially a grandchild and share, it will inspire someone about something. Walk through the park, or a museum. Live life to its fullest and share it with other, especially people you don’t know. It makes the good times better and the not-so-good times much easier.