Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yes—I still take classes

I have been sewing, quilting and crafting in general for a very long time. I still take classes. I take classes to learn new skills, share my skills, see and use new tools or techniques. They help you see things through different lenses, get inspired, inspire others. They can also sometimes provide a social interaction with very different people with whom you have something in common, providing an opportunity for personal growth. It is amazing sometimes how a total stranger can provide you with the answer to something in your life, or provide a missing link.

Some classes I take online and some in person. Both are useful to me. Some people do not like online classes, I find them different, and if it is a recorded one as opposed to a webcast or other live online class; you can watch the same part over and over and over again….as many times as you need or want to.  Some people don’t like online classes due to a lack of social interaction. Depending on the type of online class, this can be the case, but if you take an interactive online class, there is social interaction; it is just a different type of social interaction. Different is sometimes good. In person classes obviously give you the human touch.  I find them very enjoyable learning experiences. Even if you don’t learn a new skill, you can always learn something.

How do I pick classes? Well, it has to fit into the family schedule and budget of course. I get newsletters from my local fabric shops, they always have class listings. I have developed a list of favorite teachers and techniques. I belong to national groups such as American Sewing Guild and Quilters Club of America that routinely schedule events. Also, having taken several Scrap Therapy  classes, they are always high on my list. And no, I do not have all my scrap fabric cut and neatly organized—not yet, but I am working on it. I had a lot of scraps to start with.

Treat yourself, take a class. Take your daughter, mother, friend, or go it alone. But test the water. I think you will like it.