Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Math Nerd Quilt

So the "Math Nerd Quilt" ©Denise Bevard 2012, is coming along. Seven more strips to piece and add, then borders. Should have pattern in the store by the end-of-the-month (I have to quilt the top for the cover art)

It is draped across my couch, under it on the left are finished-on my couch-granddaughter tent quilts :-); on the right, on in the quilting hoop, and one waiting..but they will probably both get bumped to get this one done.
It is called the Math Nerd Quilt because it is based on the Fibionacci sequence...except you can't make a "zero" piece, thought about using black, but just didn't sing then. The green will be the inside border and the orange the outside border.

I love batiks!

This is an Abbey Lane Bag by Abbey Lane Quults that I made for my daughter for her Birthday--one of the gifts I couldn't show before. But sincce today was her birthday, it's ok now. her favorite color is bright green and she loves BOLD colors!

She also got a strip tube ruler for some new quilting adventure fun.

So off to work on another strip before lights out. Class tomorrow night... Happy quilting!