Friday, June 15, 2012

Perfecting seam ripping...

In both Saturday's and last night's Thursday beginning quilting classes I have talked about seam ripping, as well as done some. In class I try whenever possible to seam rip the student's errors so they have more time to sew.

I tell them that we all make errors from time to time, a wiggly seam...not paying attention and putting right side to wrong side when you are supposed to be right side to right side, or--putting a quilt square together  WRONG:

It should in in fact look like the below block
Which goes into the below Block of the Month...which proves what I have also said--I did not perfect my seam ripping skills on my students work. I was well qualified before I started teaching :-)

Above is a pillowcase sitting on top of a little purse in progress--yes, I am working on Christmas presents already :-)  When do you start your Christmas presents? Do you listen to Christmas music while you work on Christmas presents?