Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And the projects are growing...

Growing and going! June through November is always busy project time. I have actually started next years Christmas buckets (I arrange my projects in fabric buckets. If it won't fit in the bucket, it has a placeholder in the bucket).

I arrange them in the bucket in the order or the amount of time I estimate they will take, and the scheduled time I have to sew. Yes, like almost everything else in my life I schedule my sewing time. I schedule exercise time, studying, quiet time, dishes, shopping...just about everything.I do leave empty time for the inevitable monkey wrenches that come along. I know from many years of previous experience that I will add projects between whatever I calculate as my start date and thanksgiving, and plan accordingly. After Thanksgiving I will start on the next years holidays and birthdays, Valentines Day being first.

So as I told you in the working the list and adding post, I won the Windham Fabrics Wine and Cheese Contest. Now the anxiously awaited fabrics have arrived. They are SO much more beautiful in person!  They will in fact become a kitchen wall hanging. Them deciding what pattern they wanted to be had been running hamster circles in my brain until about 11:30pm last night. They have now decided and they will get cut tonight.

These are the three additional fabrics I picked for the row-by-row quilt:

This is the first set of rows for the online row-by-row quilt:

And not to be left out, this is block four of the online block of the month quilt:

I will also be cutting Saturdays Batik Block of the Month tonight, and maybe a table runner or two. So there will be more pictures to come.

And quilting continues on the Wounded Warriors Project Quilt.