Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Working the list and adding...

I added more classes. More projects. I am a bit behind, but have allowed some lag time for late  (or not so late) adds, issues, illness--you know all the monkey wrenches that wreck your plan if you haven't allowed for them to happen (yes I am a real project manager..duh)

Besides working on Christmas projects that can't be shared (they have the Internet too); the Wounded Warrior Project Quilt is coming along. I added two new projects-you can see pics at of the one block I have done for one project, and the stack of fabric I picked to whack for one of the others. Actually, it will be strip cut and then sub cut into 370 (or so) 5" squares.

I won the Windham Fabrics Wine and Cheese Contest, anxiously awaiting the fabrics arrival. I believe it will become a kitchen wall hanging; however, sometimes the fabric has a mind of its own after you hold it for a bit...

And while I thought the Crocodile was done, my granddaughter thought otherwise. I was promptly informed that Crocodile did not have a tongue. And yes, we googled it and crocodiles do in fact, have tongues. So a revision has been made:

The other funny part of the story is that she plays in the sewing room often. She has her won bucket with laces, beads and buttons to string, and yes--her very own fabric stash (yep start 'em early) that is mostly novelty fat quarters. In my (unfortunately overflowing) scrap bag (one of the things I am behind on is cutting and sorting scrap), she found the leftovers from the crocodile could see the gears turning. Yes, she will be one of those who has her own sewing machine by 5 (the kiddie kind.)

She did sit in my alp this last week and "help" me feed a prayer shawl through the machine quilting process. We both enjoyed the process, crooked spots and all. The recipient will as well.