Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mondo Bag...It really is!

I have been working on a (well 2) Quiltsmart Mondo Bags. I had seen several and decided they would be good for lugging stuff back and forth to class....but oh how much it holds. This first one s done from the leftover Jellyroll of a lap/baby sized mystery quilt. (can't show the quilt yet because the class is not finished-wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for the students)

So you can make a baby quilt and a diaper bag from the Mondo bag by getting just a bit more (1.25 yards) of backing  :-)

Quiltsamrt products make hard things easy. The Mondo bag is full of Quiltsmart projects anxiously waiting their turn.

The printed interfacing looks like this:

For the Mondo (and Midi) bag you need lots of these cut from your Jelly Roll Strips

You lay them  out and iron them on the interfacing--don't forget to use your non-stick pressing sheet!

Sew some seams, folding along the printed lines

Clip according to the directions and press seams according to the arrows (if you do not you will wish you had)

Then you sew the panels together, make the straps, line and:

this is the next one ready to assemble

Besides actual sewing/quilting , a friend and I are working on getting  a Quilting retreat together at Lake Tahoe. What is your favorite part of a retreat?