Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Wall Hanging......

It was next in the top project bucket (yes I have more than one) of cut projects from my cutting spree.

 First to sew strip sets for easy 9 patch blocks

 Trim up the strip set

And then do more cutting--

Then you have more smaller strips to make the nine-patches from

 Then you sew the nine patches together for what will become a border

After you iron them of course

Now we move on to half square triangles--Love my gypsy cutter

And wallla!

They are supposed to be like the one on the right not the one below--time for the frog stitch  :-/

Now add some more pieces--and iron some more

And then you have the center below

And top finished below--It hasn't let me know how it wants to be quilted I will move on to some bags while it decides...