Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And then there was Bag #4...

The first misstep? Perhaps, or maybe the cats got one over one me..suffice it to say Bag#3 is done:

So....then I went to lay out Bag #4, except there are not enough pieces. I check the other bags, the scrap bag (I keep the scrap from the project I am working on separate until I am ready to bind), I review the cutting directions (no-I am not a fan of the cutting process)..check-mark there..hmmm. 

Being pressed for time, I decide not to hunt the 12 missing pieces. I either didn't cut them or they grew legs. I do not have time to search for them. So I dig into the Batik stash...

I only had to get to the 2nd container (and no this is not all of it-just what I am using on some other projects I put aside for this and another project.) 12 new pieces cut.

First 4 units (of 16) for bag #4

And, I had to start a new scrap bag.

The next bag will start the border blocks-yippee!