Friday, September 27, 2013

Bag #4 done...

Well, I got Bag #4 done Thursday night.

and sorted the strips for the borders into the correct order

 Got the Borders – Bags 5 & 6 done Friday, but our “wonderful” service provider’s lack of consistent service has made it difficult to get a blog post up.  

Tech here Sat morning—AGAIN- maybe this time will be the charm ... wish I could say it was third time charm, but alas, we have surpassed that.

So tomorrow after the tech leaves (I need the living room floor for this – I can’t get the piece to stick to my design wall with the paper on the back-suggestions besides pinning welcome) I will lay out the pieces on the floor, tag ‘em and hope I can get all these crazy curved seams done by Monday. 

So off to study the layout diagrams some more.