Sunday, February 2, 2014

4 More Blocks....

and I will be caught up with my blocks of the month until the 15th when I get 2 more. Here they are cut and ready to sew, but probably not until next weekend, will see what life has planned this week. Life's plan and mien have not been playing nicely the last few months. 2 of them are re-cuts of ones I cut so wrong I couldn't even figure oust for sure what I did--so I started over. it happens to the best of us :-)

Yesterday was the first girls play day I've been on for a few months--it was a welcome relief. We were introduced to these new goodies (thermal thimbles by Dritz)--used them today--I love them!

Some of the others I  finished since my last post (yeah, I know-long time ago)--

Yes I am working on 2 BOM quilt tops, each in 2 colorways 

My sewing machine has made it home from the shop. I went from needing a new mother board, to a logic board, to a step motor..and what in the end my bill said was a spring for the step motor and a new light bulb. The light bulb wasn't burnt our when it went in..but they can be the burnt out one back. I did not get the broken spring back (i specifically asked for the broken parts for any parts that they is sewing OK; but when free motioning or embroidering it sound like it is hitting too hard.

So I will take it to another repair shop to make sure. It should not be this difficult to get good service and I am still sorely disappointed in Pfaff and probably will not buy another of their machines. I certainly can not in good faith recommend them right now :-(