Monday, February 10, 2014

Sometimes--the mending needs done...

Even if it is a throw rug... and why is this important? Because we have become too much a throw away society. Why bother with fixing it--buy a new one.

Manufacturers who plan obsolescence as a way to get you to buy more goods. They make inferior products, don't stand behind their products, or their distributors. And so it rolls down the line to stores who don't really care if what you buy lasts; you are just a chance at a percentage of the population who won't care and will just become an income stream-if its broke-toss it and buy new.

Simplistic, short explanation of a much deeper problem. But we can all do a little if we fix what we can. One person can make a difference. One act of kindness can make a difference. One less throw away can make a difference..

And now I will get off my soap box and go do some hand quilting..and yes, this post was inspired by comments as to why anyone would "waste " the time to do either (mending the rug or hand quilting). And for the record, I consider neither a waste of my time.