Sunday, February 9, 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

I spent most of the weekend quilting on my Grammy's quilt. She was born in 1903. She saw a lot in her life of 93 years, I still miss her, and the quilt was just calling. Its about 2/3 done...maybe a bit more.

Of course the much needed rain lends itself to hand quilting for me.

I fixed the BOM blocks I cut badly, the HST and flying geese fit this time. I ready to sew them together after ironing, and made some more stress relief dolls as my supply is running low...

I made another block on the quilt that is on the 1471 in the back corner (I normally keep it threaded with black thread-and these stress relief dolls needed black thread. I always try to make a block when I use the machine...unless doing a quick mend before work :-)

And tomorrow is Monday--back to work. Next week is a three day weekend so a bit more time to play.

Happy sewing--I have a bit of time to go do a little more hand quilting before bed--its is satisfying and relaxing for me.