Saturday, February 22, 2014

Story Dice bags done

The bags for the Story dice are done:

 One is will stay at Grammy and Oompah's house, anf the other will go home for the story dice that Santa bought to here house.

I usually make these dice bags for Warhammer 40K and other gamers...but when the collection of story dice grew from the original set, it seemed only logical that it would hold that collection of dice.

I still used paracord for the drawstring--i don't think you can have too much paracord around. But since my granddaughter is just going to turn 5, I thought that tying the paracord might be a bit frustrating so I oput toggles on.

I do not want to be hunting dice because a know comes loose. Anyone who has ever dropped a bunch of dice--knows how long you keep finding them...

Yes, I keep a couple of lighters in the sewing room, paracord is not the only use for them while sewing.

I also keep a supply of bodkins--they like purple things, seem to grow legs (I also have a sneaking suspicion  they have some feline help)

Don't know what a bodkin is for??

You use it to thread paracord, elastic, etc., through a casing-First step load the cord:

insert in casing:

I almost always make a button hole-even in the waist band of skirts/pants (on the inside.) It makes replacement or adjustment much easier,

Push/pull through:

Navigates seams much easier than safety pins!

And I am really loving these new dudes( thermal thimbles):

And I finally have the blocks I messed up the cutting on ready to assemble:

Hoping they make the finish tomorrow..but we shall see...there are a few Olympic curling matches we haven't watched yet :-)

Happy sewing!