Monday, February 4, 2013

And the cats won....

So yeah, my last post I said the backing was on the floor undisturbed by the cats at that point, yes you all knew:
It is all basted together now, hopefully will bind it tonight or tomorrow.

Due to a visit from the stomach flu I did not get to go to girls day, but my girlfriend Tina picked up my BOM for me--I got it cut...

I did get the project top for the HUGS AND KISSES BLOG HOP - done, can't decide how to quilt it. I don't usually have a problem deciding, but this one is throwing me a bit...still have a few days to chew on it. You can see a few pieces of it on the pressing board above, that's all you get until the 15th.

I did take time out to make a Quiltsmart cell phone bag--and yes an I phone 5 fits!!
no, that's not the I phone 5 in it, I am taking the picture with it :-)