Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Children's Handkerchiefs...

I thought it funny that as I was sewing on these children's handkerchiefs that there was a debate on Facebook regarding the sanitary/unsanitaryness of them. Old fashioned, yes, serviceable yes, cute yes..to use or not--personal preference.

Personal take--

Whatever brand of Kleenex-its paper and it makes your nose sore. It tears.

Kids do not carry around boxes of Kleenex and commonly loose the little packages, and tear the Kleenex trying to get it out.

Kleenex with lotions and antimicrobial stuff is just more chemicals people don't need exposure to.

A handkerchief is better than a sleeve or shirt, the toy, etc.

And around the house nice (small children's/baby washrags are pretty soft too, but bigger kids don't like to use "baby" stuff.

100% cotton, prewashed, cut at 10" to finish at approximately 8.5", Juvenile prints, animal prints,spots, Micky Mouse, Tiger, Goofy...anything  kid likes is usable.

Did you know that the finished size of a Woman's handkerchief is generally considered to be 8" (if scalloped measured at the inside arc), A mans is generally 12, thought many men prefer 14".