Sunday, February 10, 2013

And it is bound and in use!

But the flannel does not feed through my Simplicity Bias Tape Machine :-( So the old fashioned way of iron had to be used. So I had a big pile of binding (the machine nicely rolls it on a spool for you)

And now it lives on the couch with the rest, until I change them out the next time. My granddaughter will be glad to find a new tent making quilt on her next visit!

Yes, you guessed, these are my two angelic helper/inspectors...pretending they are not looking for their next prey... Sushi is the tiger strip (mostly Siamese--very talkative), Lilo is the gray n white (she is also part Siamese and has some very subtle stripes)

I was able to finish my block of the month block from last weekend..I have also been working on my blog hop project--you will get to See Friday. The quilting is going smoothly. 

And these monkeys and balls are going to be part of a Birthday present for my Grandson--he's going to be 1!  :-)

But I must be off to quilt on the blog hop project, it will need to be bound and washed so I can get a good picture before Friday.

And I have no idea why some of my text has a white background, and nothing I do seems to change it. Gremlins in the page I guess...