Friday, February 1, 2013

And I'm sewin'...

Cutting spree is done. I have completed the first quilt top and am getting ready to go sandwich and tie it (as soon as I finish this post). I am partial to flannel quilts being tied, how about you? At any rate, previous steps can be seen on my website main-page. Hopefully it will get bound on Sunday, tomorrow is a girls day trip to Gardenerville (Nevada) for a Tellustration BOM at the Quilt House, just a few more to go. Hopefully will get that block done Sunday afternoon as well..we'll see.

This is the Charming Fractions by Mountainpeek Creations-designed by Kari Nichols. I actually did a throw size this time instead of a King! My Granddaughter needs more tent quilts (yeah right--good excuse though-right?), she misses the uber King Row x row Christmas quilt.

Now, off to work on sandwiching an tying while the cats are sleeping, or hiding; they can see the quilt & batting, backing is on the floor already (at this moment-undisturbed-and yes I am knocking on wood)..more pics when its done.