Thursday, February 21, 2013


Dangerous I know. I have been very busy with real life stuff, you know, the stuff that gets in the way of quilting :-) So I have only made a little progress on hand quilting this quilt:

This is the last quilt top my Grammy made. It is slow quilting. She backed it with a sheet, and I am sure part of the top is sheet also. Tough quilting they are! I am not sure what it is batted with, it does not feel 100% cotton.

What I am thinking about is how to label this quilt. My Grammy made the quilt top sometime in the late 1980's or maybe early 1990's. For awhile it was too overwhelming to work on, because I still miss her soooo much.

The other thing I hope is that the pencil, she stenciled with washes out well. It is probably an old fashioned real leaded one (she owned a plumbing shop for a long time after my Grandpa died (I never met him), so she had LOTS of pencils..I know she added borax to most of her wash so maybe that will do the trick.anyway...any suggestions on how to label it are appreciated.

I also have to decide how to bind it. My bolt of white doesn't really match the majority of the white on the top (the whites are not all quite the same), but since there is some variation maybe it doesn't matter...or maybe I should put a colored binding on?  Yeah, still thinking....